A US military vessel, the General Frank S. Besson, is currently underway to the Mediterranean region with the mission of constructing a temporary pier near the coast of Gaza. This endeavor comes in response to President Joe Biden's recent announcement to erect a floating harbor to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza by sea. Departing from a military base in Virginia, the ship is loaded with equipment necessary to establish the pier, a process estimated to span up to 60 days and involve the deployment of approximately 1,000 troops.

The primary objective of this initiative is to address the urgent humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza, where the specter of famine looms large. Despite efforts to deliver aid by land and air, challenges and obstacles have persisted, prompting the need for alternative methods. Concurrently, an aid ship is expected to sail from Cyprus to Gaza, further bolstering the relief efforts in the region.

Image Source : Google.com

While Israel has expressed support for this humanitarian endeavor, it has underscored the importance of stringent security measures to be implemented prior to aid delivery. The mission of the US ship aligns with broader efforts aimed at ameliorating the dire circumstances in Gaza and ensuring that crucial supplies reach the vulnerable populations amidst the backdrop of ongoing conflict and humanitarian challenges.