Authorities are launching a vigorous search for two individuals caught on camera destroying ancient rock formations at Lake Mead in Nevada earlier this month. The National Park Service (NPS) reported the incident occurring on Apr. 7 along the Redstone Dunes Trail. Situated along the Colorado River, Lake Mead stands as the reservoir formed by the Hoover Dam, approximately 30 miles east of Las Vegas.

In a now-viral video, two adult men are depicted standing atop the rock formations, deliberately dislodging pieces of stone. Amidst the destruction, a young girl's voice can be heard pleading, "Daddy, don't fall," as the vandals push the rocks over the cliff's edge.

Despite the relatively recent creation of the lake in 1935, the park harbors ancient rock formations dating back millions of years. John Haynes, the Public Information Officer for Lake Mead National Recreation Area, expressed disgust at the incident during an interview with FOX 5 Vegas.

John Haynes, the Public Information Officer for Lake Mead National Recreation Area, expressed profound dismay at the destruction caused by the vandals. "It takes millions of years for these rock formations to form, and then you get a few idiots out there that are destroying all that work of nature…it's pretty appalling," he lamented.

According to Haynes, the perpetrators could face a minimum of six months in jail and fines of $5,000. He emphasized that the area targeted by the vandals holds special significance within the national park. " [The formations are] so beautiful, it’s one of my favorite places in the park, and they’re up there just destroying it," he added. "I don’t understand that."

The National Park Service (NPS) issued a plea on Facebook for assistance in identifying the suspects and the young girl seen in the video. "Information from visitors is often very helpful to investigators," the NPS stated. "If you were on the Redstone Dunes Trail on the evening of Sunday, April 7, 2024, or if you have information that could help identify the suspects, please submit a tip. You don't have to tell us who you are, but please tell us what you know."

Online commentators expressed their outrage over the incident, with many calling for severe penalties for the perpetrators. "People like this need to have real charges brought against them, heavy fines, jail time etc.. if convicted and banned from ALL National Parks and Recreation areas nationwide!!!" one Facebook user wrote.

Another commenter highlighted the potential danger posed to the young girl and others in the area. "More of those sandstone rocks could have given way through vibrations causing serious injury or death to the young girl," they said. "He should also be charged with child endangerment. My husband, daughters and I have hiked that trail, it’s gorgeous. Please send them to jail."