Big hair makes a comeback, seen on runways, TV, and celebrities like Miley Cyrus, blending authority with a touch of feline aggression, signaling power and grabbing attention.

Big hair has made a comeback, evident on runways during New York Fashion Week, adorned by high-profile figures like Miley Cyrus at the Grammy Awards. At the Marc Jacobs show, models sported spun-sugar hair crowns, while Christian Cowan's runway featured meticulously styled updos, reminiscent of the elite "ladies who lunch" portrayed in "Feud: Capote vs. The Swans." Miley Cyrus's Grammy look, crafted by hairstylist Bob Recine, aimed to evoke a blend of Raquel Welch and Barbarella, with visible teasing adding a punky twist. The enduring popularity of voluminous hairstyles owes much to icons like Dolly Parton, who blends regal elegance with a touch of fierceness. Celebrity stylist Guido Palau notes that big hair symbolizes power and commands attention, making a bold statement wherever it goes.