Two Tesla Cybertruck owners have raised concerns about their vehicles developing "corrosion" and "orange rust marks." One owner, named Will, documented the corrosion on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, noticing rust marks just eleven days after receiving his new truck. Despite having only 381 miles on it, he observed the corrosion forming on the metal. Will brought his truck to a Tesla service facility, where they confirmed it was rusting and stated they had a procedure to fix it, but lacked the necessary tools at the time.

He was told they would give him a call when the supplies arrived at the service facility.

Another Cybertruck-driver, named Max, echoed Will’s experience.

In the same Tesla forum, Max wrote that he picked up his new Cybertruck in Dublin, California and drove it up to Sacramento in the “pouring rain” on Feb. 1.

Upon completing the over 2-hour drive, he claimed that he found a “bunch of tiny orange specks and a few water spots” along the exterior of his brand-new vehicle.
[10:34 pm, 18/02/2024] tx: After reporting the issue to the service facility, Will was informed that they would contact him once the necessary supplies arrived. Similarly, another Cybertruck owner named Max shared a similar experience. Max detailed in the Tesla forum that after picking up his new Cybertruck in Dublin, California, he drove it to Sacramento amid heavy rain on February 1st. Upon completing the over two-hour drive, he discovered numerous small orange specks and water spots on the exterior of his recently acquired vehicle.

The Tesla owner mentioned that he took his truck to a service facility where they washed the exterior to confirm that the marks were indeed rusting and not just "specks of dirt."

"I picked up my truck in Dublin yesterday, it was pouring rain. Drove it up to Sacramento and noticed a bunch of tiny orange specks and a few water spots," Max explained. "The orange dots aren’t huge, they’re very tiny, but they’re apparent. I haven’t washed the car yet, but it’s only been two days in the rain."

He mentioned that he was explicitly informed that the trucks "develop orange rust marks in the rain and that required the vehicle to be buffed out." "I know I heard the story of never take out your Delorean in the rain, but I just never read anything about rust and Cybertrucks," Max wrote.

As per information provided on Tesla’s website, the electric truck showcases an “ultra-hard stainless-steel exoskeleton” wherein every “component is crafted for superior strength and endurance, ranging from stainless-steel structural skin to Tesla armor glass.”

Additionally, the monochrome exoskeleton is engineered to minimize dents, damage, and long-term corrosion, as per Tesla's claims.

Tesla further highlights that the Cybertruck’s low center of gravity provides drivers with “exceptional traction control and torque,” enabling the vehicle to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds while offering up to 500 miles of range.