Over the weekend, Rev. Franklin Graham, alongside the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, commenced a 10-stop, 1,500-mile journey along America's southern border. Their mission: to deliver a "life-changing message of hope" to the residents of border communities in Texas, Arizona, and California.

The God Loves You Frontera Tour debuted in Brownsville, Texas, on Saturday, as conveyed to Fox News Digital through official statements and a press release from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association later that day. As the president and CEO of the organization, Graham leads this initiative, underscoring its significance with the tour's Spanish title, "Frontera," meaning border.

"We are journeying to the southern border because it stands as one of the most urgent areas of need in our nation presently, and it's crucial for people to receive a message of hope," expressed Rev. Franklin Graham. Describing the border region as "overwhelmed," he emphasized the pressing challenges facing communities in that area.

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"Across the border, there is a sense of being overwhelmed—among churches, law enforcement agencies, residents, aid workers, and newcomers to our country," remarked Graham. He highlighted the prevalence of profound need and suffering, expressing his intent to offer solace and share the transformative message of Jesus Christ with those grappling with adversity.

Steve Dorman, pastor of First Baptist Church in Brownsville, highlighted the economic challenges facing his city, describing it as one of the poorest in the United States. In a statement provided to Fox News Digital, Dorman noted Brownsville's transient nature due to its location on the Texas-Mexico border. He emphasized the importance of spreading the message of God's enduring presence and love to the community, expressing belief in the stabilizing power of the Gospel to aid individuals in their lives.

During the tour, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association disclosed its collaboration with more than 1,000 churches, aiming to extend "a message of God's love" to their respective communities. The scheduled events, featuring talks by Graham and live music, are poised to provide solace to the despondent, guidance to the lost, and renewal to the disheartened, as articulated by Abraham Moreno, pastor of Calvary Chapel in McAllen, in statements shared with Fox News Digital.