A team of Italian rescuers survived a helicopter crash on Monte Rosa, the second-highest mountain in Western Europe, over the weekend. Despite the crash, they remained determined to fulfill their mission of rescuing a mountaineer who had fallen into a crevasse.

Responding to a distress call, the helicopter crashed on the mountain's upper glacier, but fortunately, all crew members escaped serious injury. Paolo Pettinaroli, a passenger in the helicopter, recounted the sudden crash, describing how they heard a "thud" before the helicopter was destroyed. Despite the ordeal, the team's resilience shone through as they walked away from the wreckage and continued their rescue mission.

The crew's unwavering dedication was praised by Italy's national mountain rescue service, highlighting their "tenacious spirit" in completing the mission. Despite the challenges, they successfully recovered the trapped climber, showcasing their commitment to their lifesaving work.

Following the crash, another helicopter from Zermatt, Switzerland, arrived to transport the rescuers and the climber down to safety. The rescued crew members received medical evaluation at a hospital, demonstrating their commitment to ensuring their own well-being and readiness for future missions.