Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a stark warning to the West on Wednesday, asserting his country's readiness for nuclear conflict and cautioning against U.S. troop deployments in Ukraine. Speaking to state media, Putin emphasized Russia's military preparedness for nuclear war, stressing that any U.S. military intervention in Ukraine would be seen as a significant escalation.

Putin highlighted the strategic implications of deploying troops to Ukraine or Russian territory, describing it as interference in the ongoing conflict. He urged "strategic restraint" while acknowledging Russia's readiness for nuclear confrontation, although he stated that such extreme measures were not currently necessary.

The warning follows the Pentagon's announcement of a $300 million arms shipment to Ukraine, intensifying tensions between Russia and the West. Putin emphasized that Russia's nuclear doctrine permits the use of nuclear weapons when deemed necessary, emphasizing that "weapons exist to be used."

Addressing the possibility of nuclear testing, Putin suggested that Russia might respond in kind if the U.S. were to conduct such tests. Despite the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Putin emphasized that Russia had not found it necessary to resort to the use of nuclear weapons, underscoring the Kremlin's nuclear doctrine.

Putin's remarks come amid failed attempts at negotiation between Russia and the West, with recent ceasefire proposals rejected by the U.S. Despite Russia's readiness for talks on Ukraine, Putin emphasized the need for negotiations based on reality.

As two of the world's largest nuclear powers, Russia and the U.S. control the vast majority of the world's nuclear arsenal. Despite Western promises of defeating Russia in the Ukrainian conflict, Russian forces maintain control over a significant portion of Ukrainian territory.