Former President Barack Obama held a surprise meeting with U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Monday, marking their first in-person interaction since Sunak assumed office. The meeting occurred shortly after reports surfaced detailing a purported rivalry between Obama and President Biden.

Obama's visit to Sunak's residence in London was described as a "courtesy visit," occurring amidst other business engagements in the city. Although Obama did not disclose the specifics of the discussion, the timing of the meeting in the wake of the reported tensions between him and Biden raised eyebrows.

The report outlined a decade-long rivalry between Obama, Biden, and their respective aides, with complaints from Biden's team alleging a lack of appreciation for Biden's expertise in foreign policy and congressional affairs. There were assertions of disrespect and skepticism from Obama's camp regarding Biden's leadership capabilities.

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However, White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates refuted claims of strained relations between Biden and Obama, emphasizing their close personal bond and alignment on critical issues. Bates dismissed reports of friction as sensationalized, asserting that Biden holds Obama in high regard.

Similarly, a spokesperson for the Office of President Barack Obama highlighted their support for Biden's re-election campaign, emphasizing their shared commitment to key policy objectives.

The unexpected meeting between Obama and Sunak adds an intriguing layer to the dynamics within Democratic circles, fueling speculation about the underlying dynamics between Obama and Biden amid their longstanding political relationship.