Meghan Markle recently announced her new partnership with Lemonada Media, expressing her enthusiasm for continuing her podcasting journey. This collaboration follows her departure from Spotify, where her "Archetypes" podcast ran for just 12 episodes before ending mutually. Initially, Markle and Prince Harry signed a multi-year deal with Spotify, valued at around $20 million, aiming to challenge stereotypes and empower women. Despite its initial success, the podcast ended after one season, featuring guests like Serena Williams and Mariah Carey.

After the contract cancellation, media mogul Simmons expressed his frustration, suggesting a different podcast concept they could have pursued. He hinted at sharing a humorous anecdote about a Zoom call with Prince Harry discussing podcast ideas. Similarly, UTA CEO Jeremy Zimmer criticized Markle's audio performance, stating that fame doesn't necessarily equate to talent. There were also allegations that Markle delegated much of the interviewing to her producers, with her audio being inserted afterward, and she only conducted celebrity interviews herself.