In a candid interview on the "Call Her Daddy" podcast, Megan Fox delves into her experiences with plastic surgery, revealing her cautious approach due to paranoia surrounding surgery. Despite undergoing multiple procedures, she insists on a thorough pre-op routine to ward off negative energy. Admitting her sensitivity to general anesthesia, Fox requires her surgeons to report any bad omens they encounter before operating.

The actress disclosed details of her surgeries, acknowledging three breast augmentations and one rhinoplasty, while hinting at an undisclosed procedure. Additionally, Fox contemplated a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) but deemed it unsuitable due to her low body fat percentage.

Addressing controversial topics, Fox defends her and Machine Gun Kelly's practice of drinking each other's blood against accusations of Satanism. She describes it as a symbol of deep connection, akin to childhood gestures of friendship. Furthermore, she draws a stark comparison, expressing her discomfort with societal attitudes toward oral sex compared to her intimate bond with MGK.