After the removal of scaffolding, the new spire on Notre Dame reveals its ornate top, marking progress in the restoration efforts following the devastating 2019 fire. Photos capture the shiny, golden rooster and cross crowning the historic cathedral, which has been closed to the public since the tragic incident believed to be caused by an electrical short circuit or cigarette.

Following the fire, the cathedral received nearly $1 billion in donations for repair and rebuilding, with French President Emmanuel Macron setting a five-year deadline for restoration. Officials anticipate reopening in December 2024, although it will remain closed during the Paris Summer Olympics, slated for July and August, as the city braces for millions of spectators and athletes.

The rooster's design was transformed into a phoenix, symbolizing Notre Dame's triumphant recovery from the devastating fire.

The blaze destroyed the spire and parts of the roof and walls but was thwarted by the cathedral's sturdy stone ceiling. While some artworks sustained smoke damage, the altar and three famous rose windows remained unharmed, preserving Notre Dame's heritage.