During an interview with the "Bottom Line" co-hosts on FOX Business, former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy disclosed a previously unknown detail about President Biden's communication habits: his reliance on notecards during private meetings with small groups. McCarthy highlighted that even in these intimate settings, Biden still uses a form of teleprompter, with the prompts written on cards.

McCarthy recounted his own experiences negotiating with Biden, noting the challenge of steering conversations away from the predetermined script outlined on the cards. He specifically mentioned an encounter regarding the debt ceiling, where Biden appeared unable to veer from the scripted points.

Despite his criticisms of Biden's communication style and age-related concerns, McCarthy expressed respect for Biden's service to the country. Acknowledging the president's long history in public service, McCarthy maintained that Biden's age might not be ideal for the demands of the presidency, especially considering what he perceives as limitations in Biden's ability to adapt and respond dynamically in high-pressure situations.

McCarthy's remarks shed light on a nuanced aspect of Biden's leadership style, prompting further discussion about how leaders communicate and adapt in various settings.

Kevin McCarthy, in addition, reflected on his long-standing acquaintance with President Biden, noting a perceived transformation in the president's demeanor over the years. This observation by McCarthy follows recent media coverage highlighting Biden's reliance on notes, even during ostensibly informal gatherings such as private fundraisers with donors.

According to reports, Biden often consults notecards during these closed-door events, particularly after fielding questions from pre-selected donors. Concerns have been raised among some donors about Biden's age and reliance on notecards, particularly when addressing questions he anticipates.

At 81 years old, Biden already holds the distinction of being the oldest president in American history. Recent scrutiny intensified after a report by Special Counsel Robert Hur characterized Biden as a "sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory," citing difficulties in recalling significant life events.

In response to McCarthy's remarks, White House spokesman Andrew Bates issued a pointed statement, suggesting that McCarthy should take note of his own reliance on notes during meetings. Bates linked to an article from the left-leaning site HuffPost, which detailed McCarthy's use of notes, indicating a tit-for-tat exchange between political figures regarding their respective reliance on written prompts.