Madonna shared her profound experience of feeling God's presence during her ICU hospitalization for a serious bacterial infection in June, revealing the emotional journey at her sold-out Los Angeles concert. Recalling her emergence from a four-day induced coma, she recounted her first word being "no," which she interpreted as a divine message.

Forced to postpone dates on her Celebration World Tour due to her health condition, Madonna's manager Guy Oseary confirmed her hospitalization, reassuring fans of her expected full recovery. The pop icon, known for her resilience despite past tour interruptions, reflected on the physical and emotional toll of her performances, emphasizing the personal nature of her storytelling.

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Madonna's determination to return to the stage was evident, as she candidly discussed her eagerness to resume touring, expressing gratitude to her doctor for support during her recovery process. Despite the challenges of regaining her strength, Madonna acknowledged the importance of surrendering control and listening to her body's needs, ultimately finding a valuable lesson in the experience.