In Oakland County, Michigan, Judge Cheryl Matthews handed down a verdict on Tuesday, sentencing James and Jennifer Crumbley, parents of Ethan Crumbley, the Oxford High School shooter, to 10 to 15 years in prison each, with credit for time served. Both were found guilty of four counts of involuntary manslaughter by two separate juries for their roles in the tragic shooting on November 30, 2021, which claimed the lives of Tate Myre, Justin Shilling, Hana St. Juliana, and Madisyn Baldwin, and left seven others injured. James Crumbley offered a heartfelt apology to the victims' families, expressing deep sorrow and remorse for the irreparable loss they have endured. He acknowledged the profound pain and grief they continue to experience, emphasizing his sincere regret and remorse for the devastating consequences of his son's actions.

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James concluded his statement with a vehement assertion that the court had not heard the entire truth about the shooting: "The complete truth has yet to be revealed. And I stand with you. ... I, too, demand the truth. You have not received it. You have not received the full truth at all." Jennifer also expressed her remorse in a statement, lamenting, "I have spent countless nights in anguish over the pain and shame I bear, knowing the atrocities committed by my son — the harm he inflicted on innocent lives, families, and the entire Oxford community," she said before the court.

Appearing together in court for the first time since the beginning of their cases, the pair was eventually separated. Prosecutors recommended 10 to 15 years in prison for both parents, while the defendants pleaded for time served.

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Their trials have been characterized as unprecedented, marking the first instance in U.S. history where parents of a school shooter have been prosecuted for their child's actions. Ethan Crumbley's case was also notable as he pleaded guilty to a terrorism charge in addition to murder charges. The now-18-year-old has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Before handing down the sentences for each defendant, Judge Matthews solemnly named each of the four victims. "I have deliberated over this case, I have reflected on this case, and I have considered the prospects for rehabilitation, as well as the imperative to safeguard society," Matthews stated.

She further noted that sentencing guidelines fail to account for the "devastating impact" that certain "acts or inactions" had on the lives of the victims or the "gravity of the circumstances in this case," including the seven individuals who were "profoundly wounded, both physically and emotionally," as a consequence of the shooting.

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James Crumbley chose not to testify in his own trial following his wife's testimony about a month earlier. During Jennifer's trial, she stated that she wouldn't have acted differently if given the chance. "I look back after all this happened, and I have asked myself if I would have done anything differently. I wouldn’t have," she testified, expressing her wish that her son had killed her and her husband instead.

On Tuesday, Jennifer clarified her testimony, explaining, "When I was on the stand, I was asked if I would have done anything differently. I was horrified to learn my answer ‘I would not have’ was completely misunderstood. That answer is true because my son did seem so normal. I didn't have a reason to do anything different. This was not something I foresaw. … But with the benefit of hindsight and information I have now, my answer would be drastically different. If I even thought my son would be capable of crimes like these, things would have absolutely been different." She added, "He was not the son I knew when I woke up on Nov. 30."

Ethan Crumbley used a 9 mm SIG Sauer, purchased by his father, to carry out the shooting at Oxford High School on Nov. 30, 2021. Authorities recovered the firearm containing several rounds of ammunition. Jennifer had posted about the purchase on social media, referring to it as a Christmas gift for her teenage son, just days before the tragedy.

Prosecutors suggested that the Crumbleys could have prevented the shooting when they arrived at Oxford High on the morning of Nov. 30 for a meeting with school counselors after Ethan had been caught writing disturbing notes in class. His notes included phrases like "Help me" and "My life is useless," along with a drawing of a gun. However, the parents left their son at school after the meeting and returned to work. Ethan later retrieved a firearm from his backpack and carried out the shooting, resulting in four deaths and seven injuries. This tragic incident led to multiple civil lawsuits against the Crumbley parents and school administrators for failing to prevent the shooting.

During the sentencing, Madisyn Baldwin's mother, Nicole Beausoleil, delivered a poignant victim impact statement, drawing a sharp contrast between her actions on Nov. 30, 2021, and those of the Crumbleys. Reina St. Juliana, Hana St. Juliana's sister, expressed her dismay in her victim impact statement, condemning James and Jennifer Crumbley for providing their son with a gun that he ultimately used to take the lives of Hana, Madisyn, Tate, and Justin.