In Haiti, the persistent threat posed by gangs hasn't deterred international aid efforts, even as the nation grapples with ongoing violence and insecurity. The United Nations reported significant humanitarian assistance, including hot meals for over 76,000 displaced individuals and 4 million liters of drinking water distributed to 60,000 people since March. However, recent events underscore the challenges faced by aid workers.

A cargo ship carrying rice was hijacked by gangs, leading to a five-hour shootout between Haitian police and gang members. The incident resulted in injuries to police officers and casualties among the assailants. Despite such challenges, aid organizations remain committed to supporting Haiti's vulnerable populations. Goya Foods and The Jack Brewer Foundation initiated airlifting operations to deliver essential supplies, including rice, beans, and canned goods, to remote areas in Haiti. The ongoing humanitarian crisis, exacerbated by factors like food insecurity and violence, underscores the urgent need for sustained international support.