Chair lifts at a renowned Italian ski resort nestled in the Swiss Alps faced a harrowing ordeal as they twisted and turned under the force of sudden gusts of wind, with at least two individuals enduring the terrifying experience while riding on Thursday.

The alarming incident unfolded at the Cervino Ski Paradise in Breuil-Cervinia, a sought-after destination located at the base of the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps, as captured in videos by concerned onlookers.

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Sharing his account on social media, Andy Crabtree, a skier present during the incident, revealed that ten chairs on the lift suffered damage and were subsequently taken out of service, impacting operations until the following day.

Barnaby Dunning, an experienced skier caught in the precarious situation along with a friend, recounted to ABC's "Good Morning America" that wind speeds peaked at 70 miles per hour. Dunning described feeling akin to being inside a washing machine, experiencing multiple instances of intense panic and fear. "I never even knew chair lifts could rotate the way that they were rotating," Dunning expressed, highlighting the severity of the situation.

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Addressing the incident, the resort informed BBC through a statement that the closure of the ski lift was due to adverse weather conditions, clarifying that the individuals still on the lift were the final skiers en route to the upper station. Reassuringly, the statement emphasized that all skiers "reached their destination safely," ensuring a sigh of relief amidst the concerning events.