The Forbes list of the top 10 highest-earning Hollywood stars in 2023:

  • 1. Adam Sandler - $73m (£57m)
  • 2. Margot Robbie - $59m (£46m)
  • 3. Tom Cruise - $45m (£35m)
  • =4. Ryan Gosling - $43m (£34m)
  • =4. Matt Damon - $43m
  • 6. Jennifer Aniston - $42m (£33m)
  • =7. Leonardo DiCaprio - $41m (£32m)
  • =7. Jason Statham - $41m
  • 9. Ben Affleck - $38m (£30m)
  • 10. Denzel Washington - $24m (£19m)

Adam Sandler may not have an Oscar nod this year, but Forbes confirms his rom-com-thriller sequel, Murder Mystery 2, helped him become Hollywood's highest-paid actor in 2023, raking in $73 million. His success on Netflix, starring in and producing three films, including Murder Mystery 2, contributed significantly to his earnings, placing him above Margot Robbie, the youngest in the top 10, who produced Barbie and Saltburn.

Tom Cruise ranks third on the Forbes list, with Ryan Gosling and Matt Damon tied for fourth, and Jennifer Aniston in sixth place. Sandler and Aniston's roles as bumbling private detectives in the Murder Mystery series have garnered attention, with the sequel becoming Netflix's fifth most-watched film of the year, clocking in 173 million viewing hours.

Although Murder Mystery 2 didn't sway Oscars voters and received mixed reviews from critics, Sandler's partnership with Netflix remained lucrative, extending to animation and comedy projects. Netflix renewed its deal with Sandler, citing his ongoing popularity. His income was also bolstered by 44 stand-up comedy performances last year.

This marks Sandler's return to the top of Forbes' list since 2002, showcasing his enduring appeal and diverse contributions to the entertainment industry.