In the entertainment industry, actors often undergo significant transformations to embody their characters fully. Mexican actress Eiza González, however, faced a unique challenge – being deemed "too pretty" or "too hot" for certain roles.

Recalling numerous instances where she was passed over due to her appearance, González grappled with an identity crisis, questioning whether she should alter her looks drastically to fit Hollywood standards. Despite her success and admiration for actresses like Margot Robbie, González faced relentless scrutiny.

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Rejecting the hyper-sexualization often associated with Latin women, González struggled to break free from this stereotype, which she found limiting and disheartening. Unlike her white counterparts, she felt unfairly pigeonholed solely based on her ethnicity.

This struggle is particularly poignant for González, who faced criticism about her looks from a young age in Mexico, battling eating disorders and body image issues exacerbated by media scrutiny. Despite these challenges, González's passion for her craft sustained her, providing solace and purpose.

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While acknowledging the hardships she's endured, González embraces life with resilience and optimism, finding strength in adversity and viewing every setback as an opportunity for growth. Despite the trials she's faced, González remains determined and grateful for the journey she's embarked on in the entertainment industry.