WrestleMania 40 Night 2's climactic showdown between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns unfolded like a blockbuster movie, delivering an ending that left WWE fans ecstatic.

After a year-long buildup and facing the formidable Bloodline Rules, Rhodes defied the odds with the assistance of WWE legends, securing a historic victory by pinning Reigns to claim the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship for the first time in his career.

The journey to this triumphant moment was fraught with challenges. On Night 1, Rhodes, alongside Seth Rollins, suffered defeat against Reigns and The Rock, setting the stage for the imposing presence of Bloodline Rules in the Night 2 main event. However, Rhodes didn't tread the path alone, receiving ample support akin to Reigns in the high-stakes match.

Rhodes made a grand entrance, accompanied by his wife Brandi and enhanced by a live drum line, setting the tone for the epic showdown that followed.

The match erupted into an intense brawl, with Reigns demonstrating his dominance by putting Rhodes through the announce table. Despite Reigns' early attempts to vanquish his opponent with "The American Nightmare's" finishing move, the Cross Rhodes, Rhodes resiliently fought back.

Jimmy Uso intervened to save Reigns, leading to a chaotic sequence involving both Usos. As tensions escalated, Solo Sikoa entered the fray, unleashing a Samoan Spike on Rhodes. However, an unexpected ally emerged in the form of John Cena, seeking retribution for Sikoa's past actions.

Cena's interference set the stage for a showdown between him and The Rock, reminiscent of their WrestleMania 29 clash. Meanwhile, the legendary Undertaker made a dramatic entrance, clearing the ring of disruptors and leaving Rhodes and Reigns to settle the score.

In a thrilling climax, Rhodes countered Reigns' spear and executed the Cross Rhodes once more, securing the pinfall victory and claiming the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship.

The emotional moment was followed by a heartfelt gathering of wrestlers in the ring, with Rhodes expressing gratitude to key figures in WWE and signaling the dawn of a new era in professional wrestling.