During the 2024 Oscars, John Cena's apparent nude stunt turned out to be a clever ruse as backstage photos revealed he was actually covered up. Despite his onstage appearance, the actor wore nude-colored underwear, ensuring no inadvertent exposure on national television.

Cena, 46, shared the stage with Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel to present the award for best costume design. While he humorously covered his private parts with the winner's envelope, he remained fully clothed behind the scenes. Kimmel referenced a historical streaking incident at the Academy Awards, highlighting the stark contrast between past and present entertainment standards.

Image Source : Getti Image

In response to Kimmel's jest, Cena emphasized the importance of respecting the male body, rejecting the notion that it should be objectified or used for comedic effect. However, he played along with the gag, maintaining the envelope's strategic placement throughout the presentation. Meanwhile, Kimmel, unable to resist the opportunity for humor, read out the nominees for costume design as Cena humorously struggled to handle the envelope.

Despite the light-hearted antics, the seriousness of the award's significance was not lost, with Cena and Kimmel acknowledging the importance of costume design in filmmaking. Ultimately, the Oscar for best costume design went to "Poor Things," a film featuring an ensemble cast including Emma Stone, Mark Ruffalo, Willem Dafoe, Margaret Qualley, and Ramy Youssef.

Stone, who won the Oscar for best actress for her role in "Poor Things," expressed gratitude for the collaborative effort behind the film. She emphasized the collective achievement of the cast and crew, highlighting the collaborative spirit that defines the filmmaking process. As she accepted the award, Stone credited the dedication and talent of everyone involved in bringing the project to fruition, celebrating the collaborative spirit that defines the movie industry.

Image Source : Getti Image