Chile's aviation authority has released a preliminary report shedding light on the mid-air incident involving LATAM Airlines Flight 800, which occurred on March 11. According to the report, the captain's seat underwent an "involuntary movement forward" during the flight. The aircraft, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, experienced a sudden descent of 400 feet while en route from Australia to New Zealand. Despite the extensive investigation, the exact cause of the plunge remains undetermined at this stage.

The report highlights that interviews have been conducted with the flight crew and maintenance personnel who worked on the aircraft before and during the flight. Special attention has been given to assessing the condition of the captain's seat. Additionally, authorities are delving into the historical records related to the seats within the cockpit of the aircraft.

This preliminary investigation underscores the complexity of the incident and the meticulous efforts being undertaken to ascertain the underlying factors contributing to the sudden descent of Flight 800. Further analysis and examination are essential to uncovering the root cause of the event and ensuring the safety and security of future flights.