Currently, Donald Trump finds himself in significant debt, and a novel website aims to shed light on the ever-mounting interest on his financial obligations. Dubbed "Donald Trump’s Debt: Live Counter," this platform serves as a real-time tracker, documenting the escalating sums owed by the former president to New York following a damning civil fraud trial that exposed his misleading claims regarding his wealth.

Initially facing a penalty tallying $355 million, Trump's debt has ballooned to nearly $454 million due to accruing interest. Despite Trump's appeals against the verdict, interest continues to accumulate at a staggering rate of $112,000 per day, unless he settles the outstanding amount or sees a revision in the figure.

As of Monday afternoon, the live counter on the website indicates Trump's debt nearing $465 million, providing a dynamic snapshot of his financial predicament. Conceived by Democratic strategist Johnny Palmadessa from Pennsylvania, the platform not only tracks Trump's debt but also features interactive elements such as a Trump-themed quiz and a chatbot enabling users to pose questions to Trump, reflecting his tendency to avoid answering.

Palmadessa, in a Threads post on Sunday, unveiled the website, emphasizing its accuracy, which is upheld by regular monitoring by an accountant. Despite attempts by HuffPost to solicit further insights from Palmadessa, responses were not forthcoming at the time of reporting.

Beyond Palmadessa's initiative, New York Attorney General Letitia James has been actively drawing attention to Trump's debt through daily updates on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, underscoring the public interest and scrutiny surrounding Trump's financial affairs.