Beyoncé's eagerly awaited new album is set for release next month.

If you've missed it, Beyoncé's venture into country music is making waves on the charts.

Beyoncé's latest hit "Texas Hold 'Em" marks her as the first black woman to debut at the top spot on the Billboard country chart. According to her father, Dr. Mathew Knowles, her early exposure to country music during summer visits with her grandparents in Alabama may have influenced her unexpected pivot from R&B and pop. Dr. Knowles, who managed Beyoncé until 2011, suggests that these childhood experiences may have contributed to her new musical direction, emphasizing the potential for her to introduce a fresh audience to the country genre.

Last week, during the Super Bowl, Beyoncé unveiled her upcoming album, the second installment of her Renaissance project, accompanied by the immediate release of two tracks. One of these tracks, "16 Carriages," made a notable entry onto the Billboard country charts, reaching number nine. Anticipation surrounds the forthcoming full album, slated for release next month, which is expected to predominantly feature country music—a new venture for the Texas-born artist.

Despite this being her first complete country album, Beyoncé has previously explored the genre with the song "Daddy Lessons" from her 2016 album "Lemonade." However, this attempt faced resistance when it was submitted for consideration in the country category at the Grammys but ultimately rejected by the Recording Academy.

Critics point out the genre's struggle with representation, particularly for black and female artists. Recently, a US country station faced backlash for initially refusing to play Beyoncé's track "Texas Hold 'Em." Nonetheless, Dr. Knowles remains optimistic, suggesting that Beyoncé's foray into country music could potentially diversify and expand the genre's fan base.

He emphasizes the significance of Beyoncé's influence in introducing a fresh audience to country music, urging the industry to view this development positively as a means of growth and inclusivity.

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The entrepreneur and educator expresses optimism about the direction of diversity in the music industry but stresses the need for further progress. To support emerging talents, he has established a scholarship at the London College of Contemporary Music in his name.

The inaugural recipient of this £10,500 bursary is Anna Prasek, known as anMari, a Polish composer, singer, and pianist. Grateful for the opportunity, she sees it as motivation to continue pushing her creative boundaries and exploring new avenues.

Dr. Knowles emphasizes the importance of uniqueness in the music industry, highlighting the value of innovation. He encourages aspiring artists to pursue their passion with discipline and patience, emphasizing the significance of both passion and work ethic in achieving success.