In a candid revelation, 'Reacher' star Alan Ritchson unveils his missed opportunity to become Marvel's God of Thunder, Thor, shedding light on his audition and the reasons behind its failure. Reflecting on his career's notable superhero and action-hero auditions, Ritchson discloses his attempt at securing the role of Thor, a pivotal character in Marvel's cinematic universe.

During an interview for Men's Health's upcoming March cover story, Ritchson, 41, delves into the audition process for the 2011 film that introduced Thor to Marvel's expanding cinematic universe. Ritchson candidly admits that due to his physical resemblance to the character, he underestimated the importance of giving his best performance during the audition.

Recalling the audition, Ritchson admits, "I didn't take it seriously," believing that his appearance would secure him the lead role without much effort in acting. However, the casting team later conveyed to Ritchson's representatives that he had not demonstrated the necessary acting skills, a revelation that haunted him for years.

Ultimately, the coveted role of Thor went to then-newcomer Chris Hemsworth, who has since become synonymous with the Norse God in Marvel's cinematic universe, most recently appearing in 2022's 'Thor: Love and Thunder.' Ritchson's candid reflection offers insight into the competitive and often unpredictable nature of the entertainment industry, showcasing the highs and lows of pursuing iconic roles in Hollywood.

Alan Ritchson's journey through the entertainment industry has been marked by notable roles and challenges alike. Although he initially gained recognition as Aquaman in "Smallville" in 2005, Ritchson's portrayal of the character was later succeeded by Justin Hartley. He later secured a multi-season stint on the Spike TV sitcom "Blue Mountain State" and made memorable appearances in popular series like "Black Mirror," "New Girl," and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." Notably, Ritchson starred as Hank Hall/Hawk in "Titans" before landing the leading role in "Reacher."

Reflecting on his newfound success with "Reacher," Ritchson acknowledges the significant shift in his career trajectory. "I had about 50 offers the weekend after season 1 of Reacher opened," he reveals. "I knew my life had changed." Despite the series' success, Ritchson remains pragmatic about the volatile nature of the entertainment industry, recognizing the importance of patience and resilience.

However, beyond his professional achievements, Ritchson grapples with personal challenges, particularly managing his bipolar disorder. Diagnosed at the age of 36, he navigates his condition with the support of a psychiatrist and his wife, Catherine Ritchson, who possess a profound understanding of bipolar disorder. Ritchson candidly shares that while he experiences more manic episodes than depressive periods, his symptoms occasionally manifest on set, impacting his interactions and work dynamics.

The actor recalls instances where his manic episodes led to friction on the "Reacher" set, resulting in the resignation of the show's stunt coordinator due to concerns about Ritchson's safety. Despite these challenges, Ritchson remains committed to managing his condition and pursuing his passion for acting, recognizing the importance of self-awareness and support systems in navigating both his professional and personal life.

Alan Ritchson finds a profound sense of purpose in using his YouTube channel as a platform to discuss mental health, viewing it as a means to alleviate the isolation often associated with mental illness. By candidly sharing his own struggles and experiences, he aims to provide solace and support to others navigating similar challenges, drawing from his own journey of overcoming periods of suicidal ideation.

Beyond his advocacy work, Ritchson derives strength from his loving family life, which serves as a source of stability and fulfillment. In a heartfelt tribute shared on Valentine's Day, Ritchson expressed deep appreciation for his wife, Catherine, acknowledging her role in enriching his life with meaning and purpose. The accompanying photo of the couple on their wedding day symbolizes the enduring bond they share.

In response to Ritchson's touching message, Catherine humorously quipped about the inevitable ups and downs of married life, injecting a lighthearted touch into their affectionate exchange. Their playful banter underscores the depth of their connection and mutual understanding, highlighting the importance of humor and resilience in sustaining a loving relationship.

Through both his advocacy efforts and personal relationships, Ritchson exemplifies a commitment to promoting mental health awareness and fostering meaningful connections, demonstrating the transformative power of love and support in navigating life's challenges.