Airbnb has announced a global ban on the use of security cameras inside rental properties, effective at the end of the following month. This policy change aims to streamline regulations on security cameras and uphold the privacy rights of guests.

The decision follows concerns raised by Airbnb users regarding the potential invasion of privacy posed by indoor surveillance cameras. Juniper Downs, Airbnb's Head of Community Policy and Partnerships, stated that these changes were implemented in consultation with guests, hosts, and privacy experts to ensure alignment with the community's needs.

While most Airbnb listings do not feature security cameras, the update will impact a smaller subset of properties. Under the revised policy, security cameras will still be permitted in common areas like living rooms, provided their presence is clearly disclosed in the property's listing. However, outdoor cameras pointing inside properties will now be prohibited.

Moreover, the use of surveillance cameras in private areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms remains strictly forbidden. The updated guidelines also allow for the use of doorbell cameras and noise monitors in common areas, with the requirement for hosts to disclose their presence in the property's listing.

Airbnb aims to strike a balance between hosts' security concerns and guests' privacy rights. While hosts should have the means to monitor property security and address issues like unauthorized parties, guest privacy remains a top priority for the platform.

The announcement coincides with recent comedic commentary on the topic, such as a spoof Airbnb advertisement featured on the US comedy show Saturday Night Live. The sketch humorously addressed the concept of hidden cameras, underscoring the ongoing public discourse surrounding privacy concerns in rental accommodations.